Hydrator Conditioner


The Benefits

• keeps hydration level balanced

• instant moisture & hydration

• leaves hair feeling silky soft and hydrated

How it Works

ReplicineTM functional keratin® – naturally derived & extracted keratin proteins from the wool of nz sheep that are able to bind to severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine

Macadamia oil – helps prevent against hair breakage while improving hair strength and elasticity

Evening primrose oil – high in essential fatty acids which helps strengthen and nourish hair. softens and moisturises the hair.

Vitamin e – this antioxidant-rich oil strengthens and nourishes hair while adding shine to the hair

Pro vitamin b5 – gently heals scalp while moisturising the hair.

Certified organic aloe vera – soothes and balances the scalp and hair. delivers gentle natural hydration, whilst restoring ph levels

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No parabens, sodium chloride, sulphates


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