My Experience With Smear Tests

Posted by Paige Sinnott on November 29, 2018
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    I don’t usually do anything on time or immediately but for some reason when I got the letter for my smear test I literally booked it in straight away. I knew friends who had been and I have a very VERY low pain threshold so I was slightly worried about how much it would hurt. I took the whole thing really lightly and I can honestly say that the worst part of the

My Holiday Haul!

Posted by Paige Sinnott on August 30, 2018
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When I go on holiday my skin and hair seem to go one of two ways, either HORRIFIC or glowing and natural and there doesn’t seem to be anything in between (sadly the latter is rare). I went away for 10 days this Summer and before I went my skin decided to be the worst it has been in about a year, I was planning on not wearing any make-up however it wasn’t an option due to my lack of self-confidence when I got out there. I have been reading “My Perfect Skin” by Alexandra Soveral leant to me by a lovely client for a while and I thought I would read up on her take on SPF. I am very careful with mine and make sure I wear factor 50 during the day or 30 at night and nothing less! I did realise this is probably not going to help with my skin as SPF is so heavy whether it is natural based or not. I use Vita Liberata which is natural based however in this book Alexandra does explain that as soon as you are inside and away from the sun your SPF should come off to let the skin breath. I did give this a go but it was actually quite hard to remember to do so, especially so chilled out it!

Long story short my skin did not play ball this Summer and luckily Faro, Portugal had a Sephora so I headed there to help find something to help and also just spoil myself a bit! So here is what I brought with me/what I bought there…. I haven’t added links because you can get all of these from different places.

Odette, Vita Liberata Trystal Bronzer (£33)

I think I have mentioned this in every single blog post I have done and that is because it is amazing! You wouldn’t normally need foundation on when using this when away but I needed a bit more coverage. It is matte so looks super natural and also tans the skin when wearing it so it is amazing and a holiday essential in my books.

ASOS, Ouai Ombre Spray (£20)

I bought this on ASOS before I went away because I FELL FOR THE HYPE! But I honestly don’t regret it and I have been using it since I got home as well. Not sure if it actually did make my hair lighter or if it was just the usual sun but it definitely stopped my hair going that yellowey sunny colour! It really did give my hair a nice beachy wave which made it more manageable and like I had made an effort with my hair which was good!

Oozoo Bear Radiance Mask, Premium Black Shot & Hydro Lift (£8-£12)

I am going to admit that I am not a big fan of masks…I know controversial but they are so fussy and annoying that most of the time I have to gear myself up to do one. But these ones are super cool! Two come with syringe’s to fill up the mask with product and the bear one you have to pop a bubble in the top to release the product.  So as much as I enjoyed the packaging I did have much hope for the actual mask but they were actually really nice. I haven’t tired the Premium Black Shot one because I am waiting for a special occasion to give that a go but the other two were lovely. The Bear one I used on holiday because I needed a glow more than anything but it didn’t leave my skin oily which was nice and the Hydro-Lift when I got back as I needed a serious hydration boost. The most fiddly bits of all of this was the packaging but it was also quite fun, but the masks themselves were great! Not too sticky or messy and stay on without you having to lie down like you’re in a coma. All in all really good and not that expensive considering how much brands are trying to charge nowadays!

Sephora Own Brand Lychee Eye Masks (£4)

This one was cooling and smelt nice. I am a sucker for an eye mask that is literally the only reason I bought it. I had to much sleep on holiday didn’t even really need it but it did the job.

Sephora Own Brand Detoxifying Foam Cleanser (£9)

I desperately needed this when away! I stupidly only bought a Caudalie Miceller Water which didn’t remove all of my SPF most of the time and blocked my skin. I rarely buy a mouse anyway let alone an OWN brand one but I needed to strip my skin of everything and detox it badly. This was actually really nice it had charcoal (do not use if you have sensitive skin) and didn’t leave my skin felling THAT dry but it did feel clean and like a good canvas to put on my serum, eye cream and tinted moisturiser. So it did help and at only £9 roughly it really did the job.

TonyMoly Egg Pore, Blackhead Steam Balm (£12 roughly)

Korean beauty is such a big thing now and when you go into any Sephora they dedicate a whole area to it and the stuff is really cool! It is all so different and colourful and in no way trying to be cool or “informative” or edgy like some skincare brands. It is making skincare fun and I am all for it! This balm was amazing especially if you like a hot shower it steams while you’re in there, two birds one stone and all that! It also looks really cute in your bathroom.

Around the nose and chin area it was perfect for me and gave me a good cleanse after a day in the sun, pool beach etc. I am still using it three times a week since I have got home and it still works well and smells lovely!

They had loads of different ones so if you are near a Sephora go and have a look it’s really cute.

I have added photos at the bottom to show you how bad my skin was and how it looked after, no filters used! It is really difficult when you suffer with bad skin to find a middle ground of letting the skin breath but still wear something. My next blog post will be about breakouts/acne, so many women come into the shop and talk about it and I feel like it’s something that needs to be addressed more! If there are any direct questions you want answered about skin or what I have tried/not tried let me know in the comments!


Paige x

During Holiday

After Holiday

 (The tan helped!)

Odette’s F.A.Q’s

Posted by Paige Sinnott on May 29, 2018
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At Odette we are massively client focused so we do get sooooo many questions asked! Usually FAQ’s are about more of the business side of things, but I thought it would be nice for you to get a bit of insight into how we help our clients and also what Odette is about.

As always please feel free to comment, email or give us a call if you do have any

It has been a while and a lot has changed since I last blogged but it is something I will start doing more of I promise. What a better way to start then with a make-up post!

I am also looking to do video blogs but it is my worst nightmare. Do you prefer to read a blog or watch? If you have time to comment it would be much appreciated 🙂 Soooooo I am

Wild & Heart Candles - Starting from £22.00

The CUTEST gift sets and single candles will be available for Christmas! Perfect for getting snuggly, having a bath and relaxing or I guess you could buy it for someone else. But that is no fun….


Hunter Lab - Starting from £21.00

For the man/boy in your life! These are the perfect way to get Men to start focusing on their skincare regime (no matter what age). The scrub, the elixir and the hand wash are all amazing and smell great too! The total gift set is a perfect starter pack and comes in lovely packaging, so if your lazy, like us, no need to wrap.

Caudalie Hat box Divine Gift Set - £21.00

Probably our most popular gift set this year due to the incredible value for money, Containing their beautiful hand cream (who doesn’t need hand cream?!) and their body butter. It’s luxurious and at £21 an absolute bargain!

Sleep Spray (any are addictive) - Starting from £10.00

Literally any of This Works Sleep Range products. They are currently doing a double size bath soak & shower sleep gel for those who know how great it is and need to supersize! Both are available in store.

We have the usual small sleep sprays with their breath in roll on, a sleep spray with their eye mask and their amazing double sleep together spray. This includes the original sleep spray and their spray plus! So if you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep this is perfect for you!

Ren Rose Hand Cream - £14.00

If you know Ren you will know their infamous Rose scent on their body products. They have finally made a hand cream. I am not sure whether it is just for Christmas or if it will be available next year but we hope so!

Bee Good Nectaperfecta - £40.95

We at Odette use this mask for literally anything.

If you have had are lucky enough to have had a Odette Facial it is HIGHLY likely that you have had this mask used on you as it is our staple go to. It is amazing for hydration on any part of your body. Can be used as a face mask (10 minute or thick overnight mask) as a hair mask, or just moisturiser for those dry elbows, hands, feet etc. In beautiful packaging it is a great gift. But also great for you too!

If you do want any of these (most are in store exclusives) give us a call and we can keep them to one side for you to pick up nearer Christmas. Just call 02084406809.


If we don't hear from you have a Merry Christmas! 

The Odette Team x

Tan & Hair Turban

Posted by Paige Sinnott on February 7, 2017
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I am reviewing a few things this week. Just because I got one of these things as a present for Christmas and it is the best thing I’ve ever used!

Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan

So, as you probably know, we stock VL in store, that is because in my opinion it is the best ever fake tan (I have tried god knows how many!). So when I

I know it isn’t very original and is actually quite late but I thought I would share what we think will be the new thing, or returning in some cases, for 2017 and beauty! Black Smoky Eye – You might think hang on a minute, this didn’t go away. But with the return of the nude lip and natural skin, the dark black smoky eye will be returning with a vengeance! With the golden, bronzy

I unfortunately went to dinner last night and became very ill overnight so I didn’t get much sleep. That with an added headache has made this Wednesday an absolute nightmare for me…however my face doesn’t show it! img_3557 Yesterday I HAD to stand in to be tested on for the Balance Me facials in our store (I know, life can be tough). Mandy from Balance Me, who

How to help ‘Autumn Face’

Posted by kieron on November 16, 2016
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If like me, your skin has started to take on a mind of its own and has become as dry as the Sahara desert then this blog is for you… I have never had particularly dry skin unless I have used my Double Wear foundation or when I’m hung-over so I am very confused as to why this year my skin is dying! I am usually spot prone but even that has seemed to stop

Ren’s Rose Body Polish

Posted by Paige Sinnott on March 11, 2016
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I have never been one to use a body polish, mainly because it takes too long and i rarely see good results. That’s until i started testing out this Ren sugar body polish. This product is amazing!
I use this product before i get in the bath whilst my skin is dry but you can use on wet skin as well. The sugar cane grains gently exfoliates the skin and once