All About Us

Our mission is to bring fun back to the beauty industry – to make a calm and comfortable environment for all of our customers.

In the last few years, I personally have become more deflated about buying beauty products from different stores – from fussing over customers to almost patronising them; from pushy sales assistants to guilt tripping customers. The cosmetic retailers have continued to change, in some cases maybe not for the better.

Odette is bringing back the fun experience – by understanding customers of all genders and ages, we can help you enhance beauty rather than changing it entirely. Don’t get us wrong we aren’t against adding eyelashes, wearing make up, tinting eyebrows and dyeing your hair – in fact we love it! It is just focusing on a more natural look rather than the ultra made up girl behind the counter.

Discussion and feedback is a key ingredient within our store, knowing what our customers like, what they dislike and what they would change gives us insight that normal, larger cosmetic retailers may not be able to achieve. 

“Shopping for Make Up & Skincare became a hassle for me, I hated going into certain stores and the service came across as  fake. We have taken the best parts of shopping for Beauty  products and ran with it. Our staff are approachable, knowledgeable and create long term relationships with our  customers. It is all about making a fun experience again!

I saw a gap in the market and took it. Although still being only  24 and new to this whole being a boss thing, I have the passion is

there to succeed. There is a place needed for both women and  men to find what they are looking for in a comfortable  environment. Although the venture was down to bad  experiences on my part, after doing my research I found a lot of  consumers felt the same way.”