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LED Mask Treatment

Using LED Lights Red, Blue & Purple to help the skin in very different ways. 

Red – Increases Collagen production & Skin elasticity. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles & Rosecea. Helps skin recovery from chemical peels and micro needling. Makes the skin absorb products and serums deeper into the skin. Improves the skins texture and tone, helps hydration and heals the skin from sun damage.

Blue – Helps with acne, hydration and scarring. Kills bacteria on the skin, regulates skin and clears angry spots and live acne. 

Purple – Calms the skin. It is a mixture of both red and blue. Reduces swelling from surgery, botox, fillers or any scarring.

Even if you have sensitive skin you can use this mask. We wouldn’t recommend using it if you are claustrophobic or sensitive to light. 

Can be added to one of our Facials (add LED mask into the notes) or can be used as a treatment on its own.


Shellac Manicure – £30

Shellac Pedicure – £35

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure – £55

Soak Off (free if having them re-done) – £10

We use CND Shellac which is the closest Shellac to natural & also Cruelty Free!

Luxury Manicure – £25

Luxury Pedicure – £30

Luxury Manicure & Pedicure £50

Our luxury Manicure and Pedicures come with a foot and hand massage and scrub. 


Balance Me

1 Hour – £44.00

30 Mins – £25.00

Using the award winning Balance Me range, we have created their facial. Most products being between 98%-100% natural, this is great for those who have sensitive skin yet still want the results.

This Works

1 Hour – £50.00

30 Mins – £30.00

Great for Anti-Ageing. We consider their Skincare range as one of our bestsellers. This really is a “try before you buy” facial as you will fall in love with every products used.

Bee Good

1 Hour – £44.00

30 Mins – £25.00

Bee Good is a honey based skincare range that consists of beautiful cleansers, hydrating serums and a soft mask. Great for sensitive skin, those who are just starting out or if you just want a bit of pampering.



1 Hour – £45.00

30 Mins – £30.00

Ren is all about Clean Skincare and their products really do not need an introduction. From their Rose Body Range (available in a massage) to their beauty lift serum, there is something for everyone!

The Odette

1 Hour – £48.00

30 Mins – £30.00

If you would like something bespoke and a bit different. We can talk you through your skin, show you the store and you can pick some products you would like to try. Brilliant for those who have combination skin or would like to try something specific.

The Odette Man

1 Hour – £50.00

Perfect for Men. We offer a back, neck and shoulder massage (or just focus on one area if you’d like) and then a 30 minute facial to steam, cleanse and hydrate the face. Great for those who want a bit of pampering but don’t have the time for a spa day.


Resveratrol Lift Facial

1 Hour – £60.00

A potent Firming & Anti-wrinkle facial. Perfect for those who feel they lack vitality & firmness in their skin. Includes a warming mask and a massage of the contours of the face.

Vinoperfect Radiance Facial

1 Hour – £55.00

If you would like a radiance boost this is perfect. A deep action peeling mask brightens your complexion and leaves you looking radiant.

VinActiv Facial

1 Hour – £55.00

A high dose of energy & vitamins to your skin! Helps detox your skin and helps with the effects of stress, pollution and a busy lifestyle. Deep cleanse, exfoliation helps eliminate impurities and leaves you looking and feeling refreshed.

Vinosource Anti-Oxident Hydrating Facial

1 Hour – £50.00

This facial is perfect to soothe and moisturise the skin. It is very gentle so is perfect for those who need a good soft cleanse or for those with young skin. Uses a mask to restore hydration levels. Leaves your skin healthy and glowing!


Full Body Pamper Massage (1 Hour) – £45.00

Deep Tissue Massage – Back will be focused on (1 Hour) – £50.00

Head, Neck & Shoulders (30 Mins) – £30.00

Back Facial (1 Hour) – £45.00

Caudalie Divine Body Massage (1 Hour) – £50.00


Ayurvedic Massage (1 Hour) Uses hot oil for a Anti-Stress & Anti-Anxiety massage- £55.00


Reflexology (30 Mins) – £30.00


Hollywood/Brazillian – £25.00

Bikini Line – £18.00

Half Arm/Half Leg – £15.00

Full Arm/ Full Leg – £20.00

Eyebrows (wax & Tweeze) – £10.00

Lip/Chin – £10.00

Face – £15.00

Underarm – £10.00

Half Leg & Bikini – £30.00

Full Leg & Bikini – £35.00

Extra Areas – £10.00


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – £15.00

Eyelash tint – £10.00

Eyebrow wax – £10.00

For Men

30 Minute Back Massage & Odette Man facial

90 Mins – £50.00

Back Scrub & Massage

1 Hour – £50.00

Half Body Massage

30 Mins – £30.00



Chest, Back & Shoulder Waxing


Back & Shoulder Waxing


Spray Tanning

Vita Liberata Full Body Tan – £30.00

We use Vita Liberata because after long consideration and years of testing ridiculous amounts of tanning products these truly are the best. Which is probably why they are used by so many celebrities and on so many TV shows!

The colour is amazing and you don’t automatically look like you have been tangoed! You can get a spray tan and go about your daily basis without looking ridiculous. It is also incredibly hydrating so your skin will be soft and also give off a glow which is perfect for if you’d like a subtle light glow or a dark Brazilian tan!