My Experience With Smear Tests



I don’t usually do anything on time or immediately but for some reason when I got the letter for my smear test I literally booked it in straight away. I knew friends who had been and I have a very VERY low pain threshold so I was slightly worried about how much it would hurt.

I took the whole thing really lightly and I can honestly say that the worst part of the whole thing was when the Doctor weighed me. I hate doing that at doctors because they get all judgy and enjoy quoting your BMI so I was more scarred by that then anything else. I was in and out after about 10 mins and literally couldn’t feel anything after, especially not pain, just the urgent need to eat a salad.

A few weeks later I got a letter. I needed to go to Barnet Hospital for another check, once again didn’t think anything of it and turned up very calm and normal with a starbucks in hand after walking down from the High Street. Even the nurse looked at me a bit strangley and asked if I was ok because I was so calm. I would like to point out at this point I hadn’t googled anything or even guessed something could be wrong.

So I was told once again to strip down and get on the bed but this time with stirrups and a camera etc. As she took the Starbucks out of my hand I did start to get a bit panicky. Then everything started like the first one, again uncomfortable, but that was it and then more tools appeared. This is when I got a bit panicky and I won’t lie to you THAT HURT!! She had to take a biopsy from my cervix just to check it was all ok. I need to point out once again that I have a very low pain threshold it is probably just uncomfortable to normal people ha ha!

After it was all done I started to really worry. So after I got dressed grabbed my stuff and went to leave but she asked me to stay to go through a few things. She explained the surgery that I might need, what the cells were and if they do come back abnormal I need to understand that IT DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE CANCER. Hearing the word out loud then kind of panicked me and I just wanted to leave, it didn’t really matter what the words before it were, once the C-Word is said you kind of blank out.

So I had to wear a big thick pad to leave and as soon as I walked out of the hospital I burst into tears and rang my Mum. She always has this thing of if you’re going for an appointment to bring someone else with you so they can listen to the details so you don’t miss anything, and to be fair she is right! So for the next few days I felt a bit confused and kept thinking something must have been bad for her to explain the surgery situation to me. So I rang the department and she confirmed that although she couldn’t remember me, because they see so many women a day, it is likely if she went through details she saw something.

A week later I got the letter explaining I had to have LETZ surgery and needed to be put under for it. This is when I started googling, which in this case did help. It is very normal and a lot of women have it and it doesn’t take long. The scariest part for me was being put to sleep as I hate that feeling, not the actual surgery itself. So I went in a few weeks later and sat with about 5 other women going in for the same thing, it was so casual, everyone watched the news or read magazines and it really was calming. Roughly a few hours later I was home. The doctor explained everything beforehand and after told me that there was an incredibly low chance of it coming back. It didn’t hurt and I wasn’t really in pain but there was bleeding. It was much less painful then my periods so I didn’t complain much.

As much as it is terrifying having the C-word said to you, if I had left it, it would have been sooooo much worse. The pain of going through all of that to be told that everything is fine again is worth it. Most women don’t even need a biopsy and the actual first smear test really isn’t bad at all! I can hand on heart say that getting a bikini, brazillian or Hollywood wax is 10 times more painful than a smear test!

So even if this longed out story makes only one 25 year old go and get a smear test I will be happy because it was the best thing I had done and it gives you a peace of mind. If you can go for a Hollywood Wax, you can go for a Smear Test!

For further information you can click the below link. However I would avoid doing your own research if you aren’t 100% sure that you have abnormal cells because it can be daunting to read and googling isn’t always the best!

Paige x