Odette’s F.A.Q’s

At Odette we are massively client focused so we do get sooooo many questions asked! Usually FAQ’s are about more of the business side of things, but I thought it would be nice for you to get a bit of insight into how we help our clients and also what Odette is about.

As always please feel free to comment, email or give us a call if you do have any questions for us and we will do our best to help!

“Why the name Odette?”

There are actually a lot of reasons why! First of all I love the name and always have. Ever since the Swan Princess as a child I was obsessed with the name Odette. Then when I first came up with the idea of a Beauty Boutique I was actually staying in a Hotel in Northern France called Odette. So after weeks of trying to think of a name it just made sense to use my favourite one! Also someone told me about 3 months after opening that Odette means beauty in French…so got a bit lucky!

“How do you choose the products to sell in here?”

To start with they have to be Cruelty Free which narrows it down anyway. Then they have to fit the below criteria:

  • Luxurious
  • Natural Based
  • Reasonably Priced
  • And they must work!

After that it is how accessible they are to my customers. If they can be brought right around the corner we wouldn’t stock them!

“Can you make me look 10 years younger?!”

In one treatment? To be honest? No. In one treatment it isn’t possible to make you look a decade younger. One of the best ways to look younger is to hydrate the skin, make it look plumper, fuller and healthier and you will look and feel younger! We do have highly anti-aging facials which use resveratrol, peptides and retinols that are very effective. If you kept having the facials every 4-6 weeks and used the products in between, you would see a massive difference in your skin. 10 years younger in one treatment, not really possible but we will give it a go!

“Is my skin blocked?”

Clients know their skin. They know if it’s sensitive, oily, combination and due to make-up, they can hide imperfections such as blemishes which we can’t see. People always want to know how their skin looks in detail so we have a good look under a light and magnifying glass to see exactly what is going on before deciding on products. To be fair if you use public transport, have any stress and don’t have facials religiously then it is highly likely your skin will be blocked. There are so many things that effect the skin without people realising that even the ones who take of their make-up every night and use a mask once a week etc. will still have blocked skin! Men especially can always do with a good clear out once in a while!

“What products do I need to use after this treatment?”

We tailor all of our facials to your skin type. So even if you do have oily skin to touch, your skin could be dehydrated in the lower levels meaning you may need a toner to take away the excess but also an oil to re balance the sebum in the skin. Sensitive skin is the most common question we get asked and due to our natural based products most are pretty safe to use, we do have quite strong anti-aging ones so we do try some during the facial if you are interested on seeing how it reacts with your skin before buying.

“How do I get rid of ingrown hairs?”

After waxing we get this a lot! To prevent ingrown hairs you need to exfoliate at least once a week in circular motions. If they are bad or they are painful do not pick, scratch or irritate them as they can get infected. Only if the hair is near the surface of the skin can you use STERILIZED tweezers to get it out. Never dig for the hair! So the best thing for ingrown hair is to prevent it from happening, so exfoliate often!

“What are your top 3 products?”

Paige: 1) Body Blur Vita Liberata 2) Muse Timeless Lipstick Lord & Berry 3) Moisturising Mask Caudalie.

Mariangela: 1) Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser Ren 2) Caudalie Milk 3) Detox Mask Ren

Ioanna: 1) Nectaperfecta 2) Detox overnight oil 3) Premier Cru The Serum

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