Met Gala 2018 Look But Cheaper!

It has been a while and a lot has changed since I last blogged but it is something I will start doing more of I promise. What a better way to start then with a make-up post!

I am also looking to do video blogs but it is my worst nightmare. Do you prefer to read a blog or watch? If you have time to comment it would be much appreciated ūüôā

Soooooo I am a HUGE fan of the Met Gala, I stay up to watch videos, instagram lives & Daily Mail just to check I don’t miss anything. The outfits are mainly impressive (some lazy) but it’s amazing how much detail and work goes into each look! Which brings me onto the Make-Up…

Last year it was quite bronzy and to be honest the outfits were pretty disappointing. The year before was silver and futuristic and now this year has been all about the smokey eye & bold lip. Two of my favourite looks to wear!

Here are a few looks you can get but on a budget

Charlotte Tilbury for Amal Clooney

Charlotte Tiblury created a very glowy skin and a bold orange lip to compliment Amal Clooneys skin. If you google the dress you will see the make up is perfect! You can use a more dewy foundation for this look, even a tinted moisturiser if you don’t like high coverage or you are lucky enough to have great skin. Then just use blotting powder to make sure that the bits you don’t want to look oily stay in place! Use a light blush like Daniel Sandler and your skin is done. This look is all about the lips so make sure you use an eyeliner to stop bleeding and it looking messy!

 Lord & Berry Mandarin Lip Liner Р£10

Lord & Berry Mandarino Vogue Lipstick Р£14

Daniel Sandler Blotting Pressed Powder Р£9.75

Lord & Berry Rita Diva Eyebrow Powder Р£11

Daniel Sandler Riviera Soft Blush Р£7.75

Daniel Sandler Gentle Watercolour Р£7.75


Lisa Eldridge on Taylor Hill

Like I said its all about the Smokey Eye!! This was probably my favourite look from the Met Gala created by the amazing Lisa Eldridge, who is known for her stunning make-up and glowy natural looking skin. This look is all about the eyeliner. The trick to a seriously dark eye is to put eyeliner (pencil or gel preferably) all over the eyelid as a base, it will hold the colour on and make it stand out a lot more then just padding eye shadow on. You then have a solid dark base. Then blend the lighter or darker colours around from there. With all smokey eyes (unless doing a dramatic magazine shoot) the lip should be quite neutral to not distract from the eyes. Bold brows and your done!

Lord & Berry Vintage Pink 20100 Р£11

Daniel Sandler Scandal at Midnight Pallette Р£13.50

Lord & Berry Magnifico Р£20

Lord & Berry Kajal Stick Р£13


Mario Dedivanovic for Kim Kardashian

Onto the look that you will probably see everywhere for the next few days!

This ultimate contour look doesn’t shout natural and is actually incredibly hard to pull off. For us normal people I can’t really think of a situation you would need to have this much make-up on but the actual look itself is wearable. You have to create a more of a matte look so Vita Liberata’s Trystals are perfect because they make your skin look naturally tanned because of how matte it is (it also tans the skin whilst wearing it). Then all the focus is on the lashes. With lashings of mascara and then eyeliner to fill out the waterline of the top and bottom lashes it will make your lashes look dramatic. (Please note that Kim here is wearing substantial fake eyelashes so yours won’t look like this without any help!) Then finish with a nude lip to match your skin tone. Lord & Berry make the best matte lipsticks, they brush on liquid but stay matte without drying or any bleeding.

If you did want a lip that looks like Kims, you can blend the middle of the lip with the tiniest bit of concealer to make them look fuller, but make sure you blend well! Once again not for the feint hearted but can look good on us normals.

Lord & Berry True Naked Timeless Р£14

Daniel Sandler Velvet Black Waterproof Eyeliner Р£4.63

Blinc Black Mascara Amplified £21.50

Lord & Berry Magnifico Р£20

Vita Liberata Trystal in Bronze (Brush included) Р£35

You can buy all products in store & online. If you would like to know more please feel free to comment or even drop us an email if you would like product info!

Until the next Met…

Paige x