Gifting Ideas!

Wild & Heart Candles - Starting from £22.00

The CUTEST gift sets and single candles will be available for Christmas! Perfect for getting snuggly, having a bath and relaxing or I guess you could buy it for someone else. But that is no fun….


Hunter Lab - Starting from £21.00

For the man/boy in your life! These are the perfect way to get Men to start focusing on their skincare regime (no matter what age). The scrub, the elixir and the hand wash are all amazing and smell great too! The total gift set is a perfect starter pack and comes in lovely packaging, so if your lazy, like us, no need to wrap.

Caudalie Hat box Divine Gift Set - £21.00

Probably our most popular gift set this year due to the incredible value for money, Containing their beautiful hand cream (who doesn’t need hand cream?!) and their body butter. It’s luxurious and at £21 an absolute bargain!

Sleep Spray (any are addictive) - Starting from £10.00

Literally any of This Works Sleep Range products. They are currently doing a double size bath soak & shower sleep gel for those who know how great it is and need to supersize! Both are available in store.

We have the usual small sleep sprays with their breath in roll on, a sleep spray with their eye mask and their amazing double sleep together spray. This includes the original sleep spray and their spray plus! So if you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep this is perfect for you!

Ren Rose Hand Cream - £14.00

If you know Ren you will know their infamous Rose scent on their body products. They have finally made a hand cream. I am not sure whether it is just for Christmas or if it will be available next year but we hope so!

Bee Good Nectaperfecta - £40.95

We at Odette use this mask for literally anything.

If you have had are lucky enough to have had a Odette Facial it is HIGHLY likely that you have had this mask used on you as it is our staple go to. It is amazing for hydration on any part of your body. Can be used as a face mask (10 minute or thick overnight mask) as a hair mask, or just moisturiser for those dry elbows, hands, feet etc. In beautiful packaging it is a great gift. But also great for you too!

If you do want any of these (most are in store exclusives) give us a call and we can keep them to one side for you to pick up nearer Christmas. Just call 02084406809.


If we don't hear from you have a Merry Christmas! 

The Odette Team x