Tan & Hair Turban

I am reviewing a few things this week. Just because I got one of these things as a present for Christmas and it is the best thing I’ve ever used!

Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan

So, as you probably know, we stock VL in store, that is because in my opinion it is the best ever fake tan (I have tried god knows how many!). So when I heard about the Ten Minute Tan, I emailed straight away asking for one!

I was a big fan of the in-shower St Tropez one but it was a bit of a shambles and I soon got bored of making sure I had the timer on, stopping the shower and trying to turn off my timer with wet hands and the colour wasn’t brilliant so the love affair ended after about 6 weeks. I remember saying to VL during our first ever meeting, you should do something like this without the fuss!

Now I am not saying they made it for me but they’ve done it!  So you literally put it on with your mitt like normal fake tan and then wait 10mins (in all honesty I left mine on for about 30 mins and there wasn’t any damage, I just forgot my timer went off) get in the shower, rinse and you’re done. The tan develops over the next 4-6 hours after you go to bed or do whatever you do.

So I put it on and then put a dressing gown over it and went about my business. I put on my hair mask, made some toast, did a bit of work then got in the shower. Because of the products it didn’t stink the whole place out with fake tan smell which is good and my boyfriend didn’t complain.

There was no huge stream of orange that came off so it won’t stain your shower and it really is rinse it off – don’t stand for 20mins under the water. I did wash my hair which I am pretty sure you shouldn’t do as it will 100% affect your colour.  And you don’t necessarily “rinse” it off – I am sure most of it came off, but I still got a good colour.

If you are worried about Fake Tan for the first time, this is a great product for you! The colour is medium so it isn’t too drastic and it is easy to apply as it has a guide colour.

You can read more info and buy here.


Olaplex No.3

I actually stole this off my Mum because I wanted to try it before I buy. However, she never noticed (until she reads this!) that I never gave it back. I now use it once a week and it seems alright.

Nothing really to write home about but I was testing out Vita Liberata’s new Ten Minute Tan so I thought “two birds, one stone”. The texture is a bit odd and I feel like I use a lot more than I probably need to but when you use a small amount it doesn’t feel like it’s working. I currently don’t have much colour on the top part of my hair and I have toned down the blonde ends so it might be my hair just isn’t suited for the product but I haven’t seen much of a difference.

You can buy Olaplex from literally any Salon – they must have done a huge push recently because every hair salon I go past is selling Olaplex so congrats to their sales team! You can read more and buy here 

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The Aquis Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel

I have always had frizzy hair – it is not curly, not wavy and just a bit rubbish and dry. The dry part is annoying because I am so lazy, I NEVER blow dry my hair (sometimes straighten) so the split ends really are a mystery. But my hair has always been coarse and frizzy UNTIL I started using this towel. My sister used it before me and was like you have to try it. So I did…..life changing!

Aquis is based on the idea that the way you dry your hair is so important and, after using this every time, I agree. We all know you’re not meant to brush hair when wet so gathering it up in this material makes your hair softer and more manageable if you wish to style it.

It helps with the laziness because it gets about 80% dry quickly and then allows me to get straight into bed and my hair doesn’t frizz up and I feel like it has much more volume in the morning.

If you are someone like me who does have that sort of hair that I do, it is worth investing in it. You can read more and buy here