2017…The Year of Natural Beauty!

I know it isn’t very original and is actually quite late but I thought I would share what we think will be the new thing, or returning in some cases, for 2017 and beauty!

Black Smoky Eye – You might think hang on a minute, this didn’t go away. But with the return of the nude lip and natural skin, the dark black smoky eye will be returning with a vengeance! With the golden, bronzy nude eyeshadow of last year I think more and more people will be going more dramatic again! (See Pixie Woo tutorial or Kendall Jenner’s latest VMagazine Shoot!)


Untitled design (21)

Natural Skin – I personally hope that the “Instagram look” never leaves as the 30 second videos are an amazing procrastinating technique and also, they do help certain people with make up. However, I will be honest, I am looking forward to the answer to “what sort of look are you going for?” being “what about that contouring thing, let’s try that”…NO let’s not! Because if you are under 20 years of age or a Kardashian then you may get away with it. If you are neither of those then let’s leave it alone…

“I want to look like I’m not wearing much make-Up” – I am excited for this and I do think it will be huge this year. A natural glow without actually piling on lots of different colours/products. I will be honest, it is a tough technique to nail but I think it is the best result in terms of looks. The basis of this look? Having the right skin care regime! See Lily Donaldson for inspo!

Lily Donaldson

Natural Product – Obviously I love this element to products but I think this year will be the year that a lot of people will turn to the more natural elements. Even those who may or may not have had cosmetic procedures still like a natural skincare regime. In my eyes, you can have lip fillers but also want a more natural skin care regime. All about balance I say!

I think brands such as Clarins and Clinique will need to buck up their ideas and come up with a more natural based element because customers are catching on that if you eat well, exercise and look after yourself then a natural healthy skincare regime should be just as important.


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Vegan – I am sure you have seen at least one “piss take” meme of Vegans but they are now EVERYWHERE (even my sister is now a vegetarian!) and more and more people are becoming more aware of the Vegan, and again Natural elements, of their skincare. Cruelty Free will also change this year. With the end of the year bringing Estee Lauder purchasing Two Faced Cosmetics, it shows that those who believe in Cruelty Free Make Up & Skincare will kick off when some brands decide to give into bigger companies and rightly so!! Odette will never stock anything tested on animals – it is a personal preference of mine and it will never change.

Face Masks – You may be surprised but Face Masks are actually never bestsellers. Some people find it hard to get their head around and would rather an everyday regime then an additional item. However with the power of Instagram and Social Media I believe Face Masks are a new coveted item and trust me, they can make a huge difference in your skin care!

In Feb we have a few masks being launched but you can also make your own at home. I have had a pretty big breakout this Jan so I am so excited to get my skin back on track!

If you have any other comments or any products/brands that you would recommend to either try out or keep an eye on let us know in the comments!

Paige x