Dying on the inside GLOWING on the outside

I unfortunately went to dinner last night and became very ill overnight so I didn’t get much sleep. That with an added headache has made this Wednesday an absolute nightmare for me…however my face doesn’t show it!


Yesterday I HAD to stand in to be tested on for the Balance Me facials in our store (I know, life can be tough). Mandy from Balance Me, who actually created the facial herself using her years and years of experience, came in to demonstrate the facial.

So I got the amazing opportunity to try out this amazing facial! The first thing I noticed was that a steamer or an extraction was not needed. They use massage to exfoliate and clear out your pores. Therefore, if you are someone that isn’t a fan of extraction (it can be painful) or the steamer (sometimes you can’t breathe) then this is definitely the facial for you!

The massage technique is amazing and feels like it is really doing more than just clearing out your pores. The massage technique that Mandy has created also helps with tension in your face and especially jaw. Who knew that you carried a lot of your anger and stress in your jaw? This relieves this tension and helps you become more relaxed.

Trust me, this does make you more relaxed to the point I wouldn’t make any life changing decisions or anything involving heavy machinery you feel so calm, I struggled to work after!

This is great for those with sensitive skins as well as they use an organic Hyaluronic Acid & all of their products are between 98.8% -100% natural so it is highly unlikely you will have a breakout. However, if you are very sensitive with aromas, it would probably be best to come in and smell some products beforehand!

We are doing 10% off all Treatments in December which will make the 1 Hour Balance Me facial only £36! Which is a bargain!