How to help ‘Autumn Face’

If like me, your skin has started to take on a mind of its own and has become as dry as the Sahara desert then this blog is for you…

I have never had particularly dry skin unless I have used my Double Wear foundation or when I’m hung-over so I am very confused as to why this year my skin is dying! I am usually spot prone but even that has seemed to stop due to the lack of moisture and oil in my skin.

So no better time to list a few products below that are helping me get through the next few months. You can Click on any of the products to buy:


Ren – Optimum Skin Oil & Balance Me – Rose Otto Face Oil


fullsizerender-15I sometimes use this before bed and sometimes I use it alongside foundation for a bit more of a glow. It really does work and it isn’t as greasy as it feels when you first put it on. It sinks in really well. If I’m being honest the only reason I actually gave this a go (baring in mind I am not a big fan of oils) is because we had about 6 customers in one week come in and buy the product, leading to us selling out TWICE! Customers explained to me that they had recently seen it mentioned by a Beauty Blogger. Why would I not jump on the bandwagon?  And it has proved to be pretty good.

The Rose is very good for those who do have oily skin, the Rose Oil counteracts to make the oil levels in your skin more immune. It does take a while though, maybe 2 weeks or more so you have to stick with it! But this works just as well for Dry skin and to put on make-up especially if you contour and let it bake for a bit. It blends really well.


Murad – Day Moisture


This moisturiser really works on combination, oily and dry. The texture isn’t oily so would work with someone who is blemish prone. However, I am not too sure about sensitive. Because it is Vitamin C based it should be ok, but I have yet to see it tried on a sensitive skin. But this is great to throw on in the morning under your make-up and it won’t feel too heavy, which is great considering it has a SPF in.


Vita Liberata – Night Moisture Mask

NPD Night Mask

If like me, you go see through from October through to March you know the hardship of trying to put enough fake tan on to look human and not too much so you look as though you’re about to jet off for some Winter sun. This Overnight mask is brilliant, it gives your skin a glow and is truly so moisturising it’s great. Also good if you’re lazy.



Bhave – Deep Conditioning Mask

Obviously this is for your hair but it really works and smells absolutely insane!! If those wispy ends are getting on your nerves this is great. With Replicine as a key ingredient it also helps with frizz which can never be a bad thing.

fullsizerender-13Balance Me – Toning Oil

ST-BM04-200-L Super Toning Body Oil HI

If you have dry skin on your arms and legs this product is lovely. I used some in the summer on my legs and too be fair when it is hot it can take a while to dry and can be a bit too much. But in this weather it is perfect. Use alongside the body polish if you are going to an event over the Christmas period!







So there you have it, hopefully your skin won’t de-hydrate into a crisp over the next coming months 🙂

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Paige x