Ren’s Rose Body Polish

I have never been one to use a body polish, mainly because it takes too long and i rarely see good results. That’s until i started testing out this Ren sugar body polish. This product is amazing!
I use this product before i get in the bath whilst my skin is dry but you can use on wet skin as well. The sugar cane grains gently exfoliates the skin and once i have applied all over my body i slowly rinse it off in the bath. The polish dissolves away and there are no grains left in the bathtub.
Your skin is left feeling like silk but also like its been lathered with a balm. It smells beautiful and I feel so relaxed with my skin feeling fabulously fresh. I cannot recommend this product enough and at £32 for 330ml you’re getting a truly luxurious product. If you feel like your skin needs some TLC, this product is all you need.rens