Murad – Skin Perfecting Lotion

muradWith all the testers in the shop I constantly get an itch to try new things! I spent 5 days in Devon over the half term so I knew that I would need a pretty strong moisutriser to make sure my skin stayed soft and protected.
So I thought I would try the Skin Perfecting Lotion from the Age Reform range. It doesn’t have an SPF in, which I am not a fan of, but because I use Invisiblur I thought I had the SPF rating covered. I was also in Devon and knew there wouldn’t be much sun for the need of an SPF 30 or above!
The moisturiser was really thick and took a while to dry, the smell and the texture were great. The only issue I have is that my skin is incredibly prone to developing spots. It’s not sensitive in any way but once I put something too heavy on it my skin kicks off and I develop boulders on my face!
So that is exactly what happened. It was too heavy for during the day and my skin was not having any of it! It could be the combination of being away, genuine fresh air, not eating healthily and late nights.  However, after 3 days at home and changing back to my Environmental Shield Moisturiser, my skin was back to normal!!
All in all if you have dry skin, not worried about an SPF rating and also are not prone to spots this moisturiser is actually fantastic! It really does create a soft look of your skin and the pores on my nose were drastically minimised. My skin, on the whole, felt & looked great – it was just the small issue of spots!