So here is our first blog post!
I am Paige, owner of Odette Beauty. I have always been interested in Skincare and Make Up, as I have not always had the best skin – I learnt how to control it and also how to cover it up when I wasn’t have the best skin day! I work alongside Leah & Georgina, two make-up artists who are extremely talented but are also seriously interested in skin care. If you are instore at any point, these two can definitely help you out!
As we have been trying and testing all of the products in store just for fun, we realised that we should probably share our experiences and impart our wisdom to you 🙂
All three of us have different types of skin and different preferences when it comes to products and how we want them to work. So why not share what we found!
Each week there will be a new blog post either from all three of us or just one of us. As I said, we all use different products for different causes of concern. Some products are already in store and some are on their way!
We promise to give you our truthful reviews and experiences 🙂