The Konjac Sponge

TheKonjacSpongeThe Konjac Sponge

We were sent The Konjac Sponge for us to try and we happily obliged!!

The idea behind The Konjac Sponge is that it is designed to cleanse and remove all Make Up from the skin – it can be used on its own or with any cleanser. They have several products – however we got to try out their Konjac Sponge with Pink Clay (although I sneakily got their Eye Pads in a goodie bag recently)

Paige: I was a bit confused about this whole sponge thing to start as I had never used one with my cleanser, however it is great!! My skin is super soft and it foams up my cleanser and spreads it well. It can also slightly scrub the tough bits where I usually struggle to get my foundation off, like the creases of my nose and chin.

I have also tried the Eye Pads from Konjac and they are brilliant and a proper money saver! No need to buy cotton wool pads all the time!

Leah: The Konjac facial puff sponge is a great accessory for your cleansing routine. All you need to do is wet it and you can either use it with a cleanser or by itself. The sponge softly exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and revitalised. Pure, natural luxury at a great price!

Georgina: I have been using this sponge on dry sensitive skin with no cleanser added.  It’s perfect for gentle exfoliation without it damaging sensitive areas. Gentle enough for morning and night use, my skin feels clean and slightly tight but with some moisturiser after it feels a lot better!The Konjac Sponge