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Odette’s F.A.Q’s

At Odette we are massively client focused so we do get sooooo many questions asked! Usually FAQ’s are about more of the business side of things, but I thought it would be nice for you to get a bit of insight into how we help our clients and also what Odette is about. As always please feel free to comment, email or give us a call if you do have any questions for us and […]

Dying on the inside GLOWING on the outside

I unfortunately went to dinner last night and became very ill overnight so I didn’t get much sleep. That with an added headache has made this Wednesday an absolute nightmare for me…however my face doesn’t show it! Yesterday I HAD to stand in to be tested on for the Balance Me facials in our store (I know, life can be tough). Mandy from Balance Me, who actually created the facial herself using her years and […]