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My Holiday Haul!

When I go on holiday my skin and hair seem to go one of two ways, either HORRIFIC or glowing and natural and there doesn’t seem to be anything in between (sadly the latter is rare). I went away for 10 days this Summer and before I went my skin decided to be the worst it has been in about a year, I was planning on not wearing any make-up however it wasn’t an option […]

Tan & Hair Turban

I am reviewing a few things this week. Just because I got one of these things as a present for Christmas and it is the best thing I’ve ever used! Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan So, as you probably know, we stock VL in store, that is because in my opinion it is the best ever fake tan (I have tried god knows how many!). So when I heard about the Ten Minute Tan, I […]

Dying on the inside GLOWING on the outside

I unfortunately went to dinner last night and became very ill overnight so I didn’t get much sleep. That with an added headache has made this Wednesday an absolute nightmare for me…however my face doesn’t show it! Yesterday I HAD to stand in to be tested on for the Balance Me facials in our store (I know, life can be tough). Mandy from Balance Me, who actually created the facial herself using her years and […]

How to help ‘Autumn Face’

If like me, your skin has started to take on a mind of its own and has become as dry as the Sahara desert then this blog is for you… I have never had particularly dry skin unless I have used my Double Wear foundation or when I’m hung-over so I am very confused as to why this year my skin is dying! I am usually spot prone but even that has seemed to stop […]