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My Experience With Smear Tests

    I don’t usually do anything on time or immediately but for some reason when I got the letter for my smear test I literally booked it in straight away. I knew friends who had been and I have a very VERY low pain threshold so I was slightly worried about how much it would hurt. I took the whole thing really lightly and I can honestly say that the worst part of the […]

2017…The Year of Natural Beauty!

I know it isn’t very original and is actually quite late but I thought I would share what we think will be the new thing, or returning in some cases, for 2017 and beauty! Black Smoky Eye – You might think hang on a minute, this didn’t go away. But with the return of the nude lip and natural skin, the dark black smoky eye will be returning with a vengeance! With the golden, bronzy […]

How to help ‘Autumn Face’

If like me, your skin has started to take on a mind of its own and has become as dry as the Sahara desert then this blog is for you… I have never had particularly dry skin unless I have used my Double Wear foundation or when I’m hung-over so I am very confused as to why this year my skin is dying! I am usually spot prone but even that has seemed to stop […]